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Nude eyeshadow never goes out of style

Eyeshadow is a step to help complete the makeup and help the eyes become more prominent. Let’s explore 4 eyeshadow color ideas to liven up the summer.

Summer makeup will look lifeless if you can’t find the right eyeshadow shade. If you are still wondering, let’s immediately refer to 4 cool eyeshadow color ideas for summer from Bach Khoa GREEN.

Nude eyeshadow never goes out of style

Are you not used to bright colors? then we Try brightening your skin with nude eyeshadow.This Eye Color Will Give You Experience Transparent makeup, like no makeup.

maybe Combine nude eyeshadow with colored eyeliner For a more summer look.

Nude eyeshadow never goes out of style

2 purple eye shadows

Although the new year has passed, Veri Peri is gone color of the year. But the purple heat hasn’t cooled down yet. As evidenced by the recent fashion show, Like Versace’s purple lips, it accentuates a multitude of purple beauties, Etro’s Lavender Pigment, Genny’s Purple Lid Highlighter,…

if you Fear of being “cheesy” With purple, there’s no need to worry. Because if it’s purple it’s okay Brighten blue eyes, in brown, purple eye color will correct the eyes, make them deep and seductive.

purple eyeshadowpurple eyeshadow

3yellow eyeshadow

talk Summer Makeup Style Can’t forget golden yellow.golden metal will help glitter eyes And The whole face becomes full of life.It can be said that gold is A classic color that never goes out of style.

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You can combine yellow eyeshadow with copper, brown,… or use alone. Either way, this color will give you The warm and inviting look is perfect for day and night.

yellow eyeshadowyellow eyeshadow

4Summer orange eyeshadow

don’t hesitate to do it Try bright orange eyeshadowthis is the perfect color great but easy to put together Makeup styles, including neutral makeup. Vibrant orange is perfect for summer evenings.

besides very easy to use Suitable for all skin tones, especially dark skin tones warm skin tone. Orange can also be combined with red or yellow Create a very attractive highlight for the eyes.

you just use Sparkling orange eyeshadow that lightly covers the eyelids There is still one A bright orange shade in the eye socket is to make your eyes become Brighter and more prominent.

Summer orange eyeshadowSummer orange eyeshadow

Hopefully this summer post has provided 4 great eyeshadow ideas and helped you find eye-catching eyeshadows to splash around in the summer. Don’t forget to follow Bach Hoa Xanh – Good Experience to discover more useful information!

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